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Work in the kitchen can often be time consuming and tedious.
Work space planning, which can reduce unnecessary movements, is needed to get things done with the highest level of comfort.
When planning the kitchen, one should account for the distance between the sink, cooking area and refrigerator.

While working at a too low or too high worktop, such circumstance may put you in an uncomfortable position that may affect your health in the long term.
We offer a variety of surface height solutions.
Prior to planning the surface height, it is necessary to pay attention to the socket height.

Usually the working surface is 60 cm deep, as it allows easy access to the upper cabinets.
However, this means that the upper cabinets will be closer to your head – so the user will have to be careful.
If space permits, a deeper surface can also be created. This will, however, reduce reachability.

Cabinets with shelves can be hard to reach and examine.
In contrast, cabinets with a pull-out mechanism are easy to inspect and provide easy access all items within them.

There are different solutions for wall cabinets, however, their particularities must be taken into account.
Frequently the cabinet door remains open, so the user must be careful – one should be careful of one's head from bumps and even injuries.
The lift-up doors give the freedom of movement – they take up less space in the room, they stop in a specific position and cannot glide down.