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Insight into our workflow process from start to finish.


During the first meeting, we will out customer's wishes and the approximate cost the furniture to be made. We also discuss the necessary household appliances and the related issues.
The second meeting takes place locally at the site – a survey is carried out.
Subsequently we start work at the project.


The third meeting will include a presentation of the project with photos and video.
The client is introduced to the project cost estimate. Settling of formalities takes place at this stage.


Repeated measurement on-site takes place by our furniture experts to produce the correct technical drawing.
Another meeting with the customer is organised in order to coordinate the production drawings and discuss the working process. Now, the production is commenced.
The kitchen design process takes about 6 to 8 weeks.


Delivery and assembly of furniture and household appliances takes place, which includes installation of furniture and connection of household appliances.
Time duration of kitchen assembly – one day.


Signing the transfer – acceptance deed in the customer's newly furnished kitchen.