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Warranty conditions


1. Warranty Contract
1.1. Duration of the warranty period is 5 years. The warranty period shall take effect from the time the furniture is installed/commissioned over;
1.2. In order for the warranty to be valid, the customer shall retain the purchase documents – receipt, acceptance/delivery and contract – issued at the time of acceptance/delivery of the project.

2. Usage of the products
2.1. Given the product specifications, the warranty applies only to home/personal use;
2.2. The warranty is void if the sold items are used under professional or industrial conditions.

3. Exclusions
3.1. Household appliances, sinks, water mixers, lighting systems and other products not manufactured by the company SIA “Virtuves Elektrolux” (“Kitchens of Electrolux”) are not covered by the warranty. Complaints about damage to these devices must be submitted to the manufacturers of the respective items.
3.2. The warranty is void in the following cases:

– standard wear & tear of a part has occurred;
– damage has been caused due to failure to comply with maintenance and cleaning procedures, or failure to comply with the operating instructions;
– in case damage has occurred caused by improper product usage;
– if cuts or scratches or other damage has occurred as a result of an impact or accident;
– difference between the colour sample and colour of the product supplied exists;
– alteration of product colour has occurred during the course of time;
– products have been damaged as a result of improper installation by the Buyer;
– products have been damaged due to the installation of non-original accessories and spare parts;
– – products have been damaged during repair work by non-certified personnel;
– damage has occurred caused by other products;
– damage has occurred due to malfunction of electrical or plumbing systems.

4. Areal Limitations
This warranty applies in all countries where furniture is installed by the company SIA “Virtuves Elektrolux” (“Kitchens of Electrolux”).

5. Applying for Warranty
A request for warranty repair must be made in writing, stating the reason for the request, attaching photographs if possible.
The Buyer shall notify the company SIA “Virtuves Elektrolux” (“Kitchens of Electrolux”) within 20 (twenty) days of the discovery of the defect or damage.

6. Warranty Process
The Buyer shall have the right to request free repair or replacement of the product within the warranty in the following cases:
– in case if the chosen course of action is not objectively feasible or if the company SIA “Virtuves Elektrolux” (“Kitchens of Electrolux”) considers it disproportionately expensive compared to an alternative, the company SIA “Virtuves Elektrolux” (“Kitchens of Electrolux”) will consider repairing the product if possible;
– in case if the costs of the product are exuberant, company SIA “Virtuves Elektrolux” (“Kitchens of Electrolux”) will replace the product;
– the company SIA “Virtuves Elektrolux” (“Kitchens of Electrolux”) shall be entitled to replace the defective product with a newer one of equivalent quality and compatible with the defective product;
– repair or replacement will be carried out within a reasonable time after receipt of the request.